Quotes from our guest books

Aug 13th, 2009 - Jacob & Kristina, Utah - Wow! What an awesome place you have here! I've never seen the ocean as smooth as glass like it was yesterday. We had a great time on our honeymoon. Now we have to leave this beautiful paradise. Thanks for the hospitality & the great peaceful seclusion. Although, some of the birds in the morning get pretty rowdy!

Aug 4th-12th, 2009 - Colleen, Duncan & Jaun - Eugene, OR - First time in Maya Beach and Barnacle Bill's; it will not be the last. It's an addicting place to hang out to say the least. We never felt the need to wander too far away - as it was all good right here. Paddling out yonder to False Caye was special. And if only we could buy Belikin in the states. Keep on keepin' on Bill & Adriane. See you again.

Jun 8th-15th, 2009 - Jay, Palm Harbor, FL - Thanks for being such great hosts. The bungalow has everything you could want. Wish I could stay for a month.

May 27th, 2009 - Melisa & Jeff - San Auselmo, CA - We spent a few weeks traveling around Belize by car and purposely left Barnacle Bill's for the end. We knew we'd be up for a peaceful stay without having to run out for every meal & we were not disappointed. BB's feels like home. Fell in love with our four footed welcoming committee, Scurvy, right away. He's been a great pal - always offering a wag and a smile. Accommodations here were just perfect. Great cabin design - we want one just like this back in the states. Thank you for a lovely week!

May 1st-10th, 2009 - Carol & John - Well, it's our 4th time to Belize & our 4th time to Barnacle Bill's. Some things do stay the same, luckily! Fishing with Tony Eiley was great! Caught a bunch of Mackerel & Barracuda. Diving with Avadon is also very good. Quality boat, equipment, and staff. We'll be back!

Apr 13th-21st, 2009 - Brit & Keny - Denver, CO - One of the Best Place's on Earth to spend a Honeymoon. The tours that Bill recommended were the best Bar-None. We spent many days, hours, nights on this wonderful deck looking out at paradise. Never take it for granted. Many, many, thanks for the hospitality. Best vacation ever.

Feb 20th, 2009 - Karen, Tacoma WA - What a fabulous place this is! I came for a purely relaxing vacation and I accomplished my goal with the help of a fabulous bungalow, a beautiful beach, a refreshing ocean breeze, and a few Belikin beers! Great experience, perfect place!

Feb 19th, 2009 - Pat & Joe - Staten Island, New York - Your place and our trips exceeded our expectations! This is a true paradise. Everywhere you look, nature is in your view. We're sorry to leave, and hope to be back again.

Feb 1st, 2009 - Jon and Michelle - Orcas Island, WA - Thank you, thank you, thank you!! Once again you did everything you could to help us have a great time. I'm glad to see the road being worked on and I expect next time we come it will be done. But have said that before!

(Note to Jon & Michelle - As of Oct, 2009, the road is now paved through Maya Beach, and you'll LOVE it!)

Nov 16th, 2008 - Tina & Andrew - What a wonderful way to spend the beginning of our honeymoon. The week we had here was amazing, quiet, and relaxing. Maya Beach is beautiful and we certainly enjoyed walking it every morning with our favorite furry friend Scurvy. The cabins were amazing. Clean and stocked with everything we needed. We felt at home right away. We will never forget you, Scurvy and Maya Beach.

July 29th - Aug 5th, 2008 - Mary & Bill, Ventura CA - We hate to leave Belize - know we will return to Maya Beach and Barnacle Bill's sometime soon as we have had a week filled with relaxation in this cozy bungalow, listening to the waves, the wind through the palms and the birds.

July 3rd, 2008 - Nancy, Dunken and James - Philadelphia, PA - Some would categorize the months of June and July as the "low", "down", or "off" season, but you couldn't proved it by us. These times offer lots of peace and quiet, the occasional monster thunderstorm, the Lobster Fest, and birds and animals that might be hidden at other times. We've loved the sea breeze and the nightly rains. Most especially, we loved our bungalow -- away from it all.

Mar 29th, 2008 - Brett & Melanie - British Columbia, Canada - After a week in Caye Caulker, which was nice, it was absolutely great to stay at BBBB's. Very peaceful and relaxing.

Mar 30th, 2008 - Eddie & Naomi - CA - This place truly reminds us of the sayings "No shoes, no shirt, no problems" and "It's 5:00 somewhere!" Drinks and great food up and down the beach where everyone was friendly. Bill & Adriane go beyond to make everyone welcome - we were treated like family from day one.

Mar 19th, 2008 - Tom & Deb - MN - Our trip here has proven to be beyond our imaginations. We are so grateful for what you've created here in paradise. Only the BEST of the BEST.

Feb 9th - 16th, 2008 - Mark & Natalie - Ft. Myers Beach, FL - Well guys, you did it again! Bungalows impeccable and the grounds in best shape ever!

Jan 4th, 2008 - Kris & Dave - Boston, MA - You have made a beautiful place perfect. All of life's necessities - fridge for beer, bottle opener & and electricity to be had out by the water, blender for the "Monkey Spunk", and a sweet spot for the nuptials. We had friends staying all up and down Maya Beach ... you don't get any better than this.

Nov 29th, 2007 - Bri & Jim (Your visitors from The Great White North) - Thanks for being such great hosts. We loved everything - the seclusion, the well-stocked cabana & the total privacy ... aahhhh. Sad to leave, but we'll be back for sure.

Oct 4th, 2007 - Deb & Dave - Many thanks for a very restful place to come and just "BE". We love the tranquility & peace we have when we come here.

Aug 11th, 2007 - Chris & Gritchelle, San Francisco, CA - We never thought we'd ever be in paradise! Thanks you Bill and Adriane for being such gracious hosts! You guys have great bungalows to live in, and an awesome beach to sunbath on! All our trips were truly amazing!

Mar 15th - 21st, 2007 - Natalie & Mark - Ft. Myers, FL -
We came this year with no agenda
     To sit & stare and kinda menda.
Back home spring-breakers party hard
     But Yeah! not here in this front yard.
Alas, this year we made False Caye
    It was a truly wondrous day.
We love it so in this salubrious climate
    Next year "LOBSTER" if we can time it.
Copious amounts of rum consumed
    Our stay now over ... we are doomed.
Heartfelt thanks to Bill & Adriane. You know we will return again!

Feb 2007 - Laura & Alan - We will continue to stay here in our minds for the rest of our days.

Feb 12th - 21st, 2007 - Dale & Bev, Trenton, IL - The bungalow was exactly what we were looking for. WE love being able to do alot of our own cooking. The beach here is beautiful - A perfect place. We had a great time diving and fishing and appreciate your tips on tours.

Dec 30th, 2006 - Sue and Larry, Esperance, NY - Your place is wonderfully located and was exactly what we hoped it would be.

Nov 23rd, 2006 - Michael & Paula, Medicine Hat, Alberta, CA - Thank you Bill & Adriane for sharing your home with us. Never take this for granted ... it is fabulous!

Oct 17th - 31st, 2006 - Scott & Tanya, CO - We felt comfortable the minute Bill picked us up at the airstrip. This piece of heaven is yours because you deserve it.

Oct 16th, 2006 - Diane - This is my favorite place of all the places I've stayed on the peninsula in the 14 years I've been coming here. I love hearing the waves on the shore. Your SO private beach, and yard are un comparable. The attention to detail in the items provided in the cabana is very thoughtful. The decor is charming. Really makes one feel welcome. I love the rugs! The mattress was the most comfortable in Belize - Thanks! Rain water is the best. I don't wanna leave.

Aug 18th, 2006 - Anne & Stephanie - Washington, DC - Thanks for a fun, wonderful & relaxing week. This place was exactly what we were looking for! We couldn't have asked for more accommodating & generous hosts.

July 1st, 2006 - Kim & Kurt - We've had such a fantastic time. Your place is gorgeous - very much our idea of peace & tranquility.

June 1st, 2006 - Larry & Amy, Cripple Creek, CO - As we pack up to leave I feel the sadness again. This has been the third visit to Barnacle Bills and all stays have been great. Thanks for everything.

June 1st, 2006 - Lynda & Pat, Colorado Spring, CO - Wow! This is my kind of place! We are always looking for places to go, away from the crowds. Definitely a hidden gem.

May 25th, 2006 - Pat & Karen, Missoula, MT- We can't believe our luck in selecting Barnacle Bill's from the list of so many, that we would have regretted, now that we know how AWESOME this is here. Perfect for honeymoon seclusion, but not too secluded.

April 17th thru 27th, 2006 - Mark & Natalie, Ft. Myers Beach, FL - Ten days of bliss! We will miss Scurvy's morning visits for bacon or sausage. Mostly though, we will miss ... no phone - no.t.v. - no traffic - no people - no hurry man!

March 2006- Lou & Joyce, NY - Vacation always seems to end too soon. Really enjoyed staying in your beach bungalow - all the comforts needed. Thanks for arranging all the tours (Laughing Bird, Monkey River, Ranguana, Mayan Ruins). Enjoyed the kayaks, constant breeze, food delivery, gorgeous sunrises, and your most charming dog Scurvy. Hope to return some day.

Feb 2006 - Jon & Michelle, Orcas Island, WA - Another great adventure in Belize. Bill & Adriane take such good care of all their guests.

Dec 30th-Jan 6th, 2006 - Dave & Diana, LA - My expectations for Belize were high, but your place, your hospitality, and your country's spirit have surpassed all my hopes. Our stay has been enjoyable, educational, relaxing and re-energized, but unfortunately we must now head back to the rat race.

Nov 2005 - Jim & Sharon, Louisville, KY - And we were worried our second trip to Belize wouldn't be as great as our 1st. Boy, were we wrong. Your "piece of paradise" reflects all your hard work that has been put into making BBBB's the BEST!

July 2005 - Becker & Rusty - Texas - You guys do a great job. This place is as close to perfect as it gets. We walked the entire beach from Placencia to here and a good stretch of beach to the North. We both agreed that the bungalows at "Barnacle Bill's" were the best!

June, 2005 - Wayne & Joy - We were so pleased to be in a quiet place with such beauty. We thank you for your hospitality.

June 15th, 2005 - Russ & Michelle - Lakewood, CO - This place rocks. By far the best bungalows & beach on Maya Beach. The kitchen was key & the sunrises even better. Future guests, I highly recommend taking sea kayaks to the lagoon to see the dolphins & manatees. Or to False Caye for some snorkeling. We had a blast!!!

May, 2005 - Laura & Noah - Barnacle Bill's was the escape we needed for a little rest & relaxation. In addition to the wonderful memory of getting engaged on the beach here, we will fondly remember the good hospitality, great food, perfect view, and ocean breeze. Hopefully when life gets hectic back in the states we will be able to close our eyes and think of our stay here to remind us there is always a place to go where the pace of life is perfect.

Mar 11th - 21st, 2005 - Jane & Tony - Alberta, Canada - What a wonderful, relaxing time we have spent here. Very well-equipped bungalows. We'll be sure to recommend your place to any friends traveling to Belize. You have made the past 10 days so blissful.

Oct 4th, 2004 - Frank & Gela - Actually we've planned to stay for 9 nights. Now it's been 15! We loved the bungalow, the sound of the sea, the beach, Adriane & Bill, who were always there for us, and Scurvy (the dog), always good for a hug, and all the little (and big) adventures we had. Thank you for having completed a stay on cloud 7. (Yes, in Germany, we call it 7, not 9). We will miss you!

Apr 5th - 21st, 2004 - Janice & Rod - We've walked the beach from Placencia Point to Calico Jack's and now know your place was by far the best-suited anywhere for our low-key needs. The web site lured us in, and we got just what it promised - peace, privacy and cozy self-sufficiency. We appreciated the chance to rest, read books, and watch birds right from the deck with coffee in the morning. Everything else was a bonus - the lagoon, the kayaking, snorkeling from the beach, the veggie vender ... Thanks for giving us the opportunity to stay here. Janice & Rod

Mar 14th, 2004 - Becki & Tom - Our stay here exceeded our expectations from the moment that we arrived to the moment that we had to leave!

Sep 18th, 2003, Shauna - Longmont, CO - My 4th stay and it just keeps getting better! I don't want to leave - how unusual. Love, Sassy Butt

Aug 4th-10th, 2003 - Jared & Heather, Atlanta, Georgia - The perfect honeymoon! We came to relax & recharge our badly depleted batteries, and we leave with a full enough charge to last until we return next week! (sigh, or not until next year). The cabin is wonderful, designed so that you get a breeze strong enough to make you question air-conditioning, (and to make people from hot Atlanta question AC is a feat indeed), with enough creature comforts to relax, but not too many to distract you from the setting. And what a setting it is. The location is amazing, the view in the night & in the day held our attention for hours & we appreciate all your efforts to create such a great beachfront.

May 24th, 2003, Amy & Albert - Connecticut - Your cabana has been a "home away from home". We will remember you with fond memories & best wishes.

May 15th-27th, 2003 - Harley & Mary - Tampa, FL - Can't thank you enough. Five prior trips to Belize & finally we've done it right. The place is perfect. Thank you so much for all the little extras you two did to make our stay the very best we've had in Belize!

Apr, 2003 - Matt Dolphin - Your reality is my dream.

Apr 10th, 2003 - Barry - I mastered the art of doing nothing.

Feb 27th - Mar 9th, 2003 - Tom & Elfie, CA & Europe - We can only say 'PERFECT' be it the location, your kindness & friendliness, or the efficiency & thoughtfulness from the clean & well-equipped kitchen to the useful hints in your welcome folder. Thanks for making our stay relaxed & happy!

Jan 25th - Feb 4th, 2003 - Diane & Luther - Lincoln, NE - Our expectations were far-exceeded by your beautiful cabins with their gorgeous woodwork, set on your spectacular beach, and cared for by two of the most sincere and kindness folks we could ever hoped to meet. As seasoned travelers, this ranks among our best trips ever. Thanks!

Dec 25th, 2002 - Shauna - Longmont, CO - Your piece of this earth is my heaven on earth.

Aug 12th, 2002 - John, Aurora, CO Keep the sea breeze to your face, the sun to your back, and a Belikin beer in each hand for balance.

Jan 2nd, 2002, Don & Bernie- After "scoping-out" the area, we agree you have the nicest accommodations around.

Aug 10th, 2001 - Sharon - I couldn't of asked to spend my first vacation out of the U.S.A. in a more beautiful place. Both of you are great hosts.

July, 2001 - Neil & Deb - A wonderful relaxing place, when the adventure subsides.

May 27th, 2001 - Cheryl & Al - This week we've traveled across Belize. Your hospitality and accommodations were the absolute BEST!! Thanks for everything.

May 25th, 2001 - Doc Don - In a word, "Awesome"!

Apr 26th, 2001 - Gigi, CO - Nice Place! We had a blast & your hospitality went beyond the call of duty.

Jan 24th, 2001 - Punta King - Third trip and it just gets better! Three weeks isn't long enough.

Dec 2000 - Greg & Trish - We spent weeks researching and deciding on a place to stay during our visit. What we have experienced here with you surpassed our hopes. We've had a great time at your beautiful place, enjoyed the care, love & attention you put into your bungalows and your guests. We BE-LIKIN it.

Apr 14th-30th, 2000 - Gary "The Punta King" - There is no question that at Barnacle Bill's you aim to please. My second trip was better than my first. I am sure that my next trip, I'll start having fun.

Jan 26th, 2000 - Leah & Steve - If anyone would have told me at any point in my life that the word barnacle would bring a smile to my face and bring to mind some of my fondest memories, I would not have believed them. Thank you for establishing a place where people can come enjoy a cozy, clean, comfortable environment where standards do not have to be compromised.